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"I'm not creative."

Many people tell me that they are not creative.  That they aren't musical, artistic, or inventive.  Then, almost always, in the next sentence they tell me of something amazing they designed.  This always makes me smile and I always point out that they just told me how creative they are.

These "non-creative" types often are creating in huge ways and don't even know it.  They create entire well-thought out designs and plans.  They can orchestrate the flow of point A to point B.  They can take a vision and implement it at the highest level.  Sometimes the tool of creativity is a spreadsheet and not a paintbrush.   But don't let that fool you.  There is still creativity flowing through.

The same thing happens when people say they aren't "musical" and that they "don't have a musical bone in their body."  That the only instrument they are good at is "the radio."

Do you know that you are a literal, walking instrument by...

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